About iCloud syncing.

October 20, 2013 at 06:11 pm

iCloud is Apple's technology that allows data to be synced across multiple devices and platforms.

This is all good and everything, but only when it works.  Developer's API for syncing is very limited since Apple handles most of the work for pushing and saving changes.  So once we, developers, implement iCloud for our apps, we don't have much options to control how data is synced and troubleshoot any errors that may occure during the process.

There have been a number of reports of users experiencing difficulties and unexpected behaviours with iCloud syncing.  This problem isn't Task PRO specific.  There are large number of developers having similar issues with their apps and their customers.  You can read many articles online related to this issue.

In most cases, iCloud eventually works and most problems somehow gets resolved.  But the frustration is completely understandable.  These frustrations also have been affecting our business.

We are currently looking into many alternate solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc.  We hope to allow these syncing capabilities in the future releases.  We do not have exact date when, but soon.

Task PRO v1.11

October 7, 2013 at 11:35 pm

Your life, organized.

Task PRO is a unique and powerful application for your iOS devices that manages all of your tasks, projects and to-do lists.



Task PRO features sub-tasking, a powerful mechanism that gives you complete control over managing and organizing your tasks. This gives you the ability to keep simple to-do lists, or manage more complex tasks/projects and organize them anyway you prefer. It's very simple and intuitive to use.

With version 1.9, Task PRO now support full iCloud syncing across your devices.  Your data is saved and in the cloud and changes are replicated almost instantely.


  • Full sub-tasking support.  Any task and sub-tasks can have its own sub-tasks. Pretty powerful stuff.

  • Clean and unclutter by design.

  • Calendar view to select tasks by dates.

  • Sort and group your lists by dates, months, alphabets, priority or reorder your manually!

  • Built-in iCloud syncing**

  • Create calendar events from any task, thus making it available in your Calendar app.

  • Advance search tasks by keywords within title, notes or both.

  • Share with Email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

  • iOS 7 and iOS 6 native look and feel support

  • support alert/notification

  • Smart and elegant listings.

  • Printing support for AirPrint printers

  • Email tasks with it's sub-tasking

  • Supports multile tags with colorful icons to categorize your tasks.

  • Repeat tasks by standard frequency such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

  • Use duplicate feature to create new tasks from a template

  • All screen sizes and resolutions supported (tall and retina)

  • And much more..




Support 3132

October 26, 2012 at 11:12 pm

At Alifsoft, we don't only make awesome software, we provide great customer service as well. You can contact us for any questions, bug reports or comments that you might have. Your emails are answered promptly, most cases within 24 hours.

If you just purchased one of our application, make sure to visit our tutorial section for more information on how to use the products and learn about the features it supports.



October 27, 2012 at 02:34 am

Task PRO (To-do & Projects)

Task PRO 1.9Task PRO is a powerful, flexible and elegant task management application for the iPhone. It fully supports sub-tasking, a powerful mechanism that gives you complete control over managing and organizing your tasks. It's very simple and intuitive to use. You can easily create simple Todo list, or have multiple complex projects side by side.

Now fully supports iCloud for instant syncing across multiple devices


Web Apps 

Web AppsThousands of iPhone web based apps are now right at your finger tips. Browse, search and add web apps to your favorite list and keep them synched.

  1. over 2000+ web apps and it's growing!
  2. Ranging from Games, Entertainment, Productivity, Utilities, News and more!!
  3. Run apps within the application, No safari or address bar - maximizing your screen's real estate.

(this app is currently discontinued.  However, we will release with more exciting features very soon)

Fast Notes

Fast NotesFast Notes gives you full screen landscape typing with ability to change color, size or font of your text and keep your notes customized and organized.

  1. You can use Fast Notes to compose colorful emails in landscape mode.
  2. Taking notes is fast and fun again!

(this app is discontinued)


Mini Apps (9 in 1) webOS

web appsMini Apps takes apps for a different spin. Instead of launching each app separately, Mini Apps provides small useful utility applications to run within one single list. You can quickly scroll through all available apps and use them right from the list. 9 useful apps in one single view: - Tips Calculator - Math expression calculator - HTML colors - Event Countdown - Strong password generator - Quick notes - Flashlight - BMI Calculator - My IP Address additional apps to follow with future updates ** You can keep your favorite apps in separate list for even quicker access **

(this app, along with the webOS, is discontinued :(